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We can delivery to you anywhere in the UK.


We can install your furniture so you don’t have to.


We understand how quality matters and how you deserve it.


Second Hand Office Furniture London

Here at Evans trading we have huge stocks of quality used office furniture. All of our furniture is of high quality and standards & we have all the ranges, sizes and colours to choose from.

Free delivery is our biggest selling point after the quality and ranges we have so please do have a look, get in touch and we will do the rest.

If you don’t see what you are looking for just let us know as we are also one of the UKs largest office furniture clearances companies and each week we have hundreds of items arriving.

We Sell High Quality Used Office Furniture

As we are one of the largest office furniture clearance companies in the UK it always made sense for us to special in reselling the used. As all of our furniture comes from corporate companies it will be high quality still modern as larger companies change around more often and most importantly of all much cheaper than new.

So not only will you save heavily on price the items will be much better quality and standard than the run of the mill new office furniture sold cheaply everywhere which doesn’t last very long and has no re-sale value.

Fee free to ask the origins of the items we sell and how we compare it to anything new on offer.

We Will Consider Buying All Used Office Furniture Nationwide

If you have any office furniture that you need to sell please send us some pictures and a list along with the location and when it needs to be done. We will endeavour to help on all office clearances whether it`s a few months old or many years old.

We have three ways we take on office clearances, firstly we will pay, secondly we will take away for free  & lastly we will charge to clear everything. These three all depend on the furniture itself, the quality,age, sizes & colours etc. Also where and when it needs to be done including any obstacles involved like stair work and loading restrictions. Lastly the size of the clearance, the bigger the better for us.