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Benefits Of Buying Used Office Furniture

The process of recycling office furniture is becoming more and more popular and for good reason. Not only does it help our planet but it also provides quality office furniture at a more affordable price for the likes of startups and those with less of a budget. Add to this the fact that it offers those selling their office furniture a chance to make a little profit from it and becomes an obvious choice for all.

Selling Office Furniture

When it comes to those selling the office furniture however, all too often we hear of people choosing not to do it. Why? Well, many assume the process to be in-depth, prolonged and the cause of disruption during the working day. They also assume a cost will be incurred for removal of the furniture. Now while we could offer you a clichéd saying about assumption and what it does for all involved, we thought we would instead simply offer you a break down of how it all works. This should put your mind at rest with an explanation as to how easy and it is, how efficient our process is and more importantly, the very little (if at all) down time you’ll experience with regards to us removing the furniture for you.

Sell Your Used Office Furniture With Ease

Selling used office furniture can be a daunting task for even the most organised office manager. Many recoil at the thought of having to list each item upon online selling platforms, before meeting potential buyers and negotiating on a price. Throw in the additional hassle of having numerous people come to your office to view said items, before arranging pick up or delivery and the interruption into your daily working life is never ending.

With the help of our incredible team here at Evans Office Furniture however, you could enjoy selling your used office furniture with complete ease and minimal disruption. How? Allow us to explain.

Clear Valuations On Office Furniture

We’ll first begin by taking a look at the furniture you have to offer at a time and place to suit you, before discussing a quote and terms of the deal. With Evans Office Furniture, you can guarantee on a clear valuation of all of the furniture you wish to sell, before committing to anything. Once you’re happy with the final sum, we’ll then carry out an office clear out. We’ll make the removal of the furniture as pain-free as possible. Our team are well trained in moving large pieces of furniture carefully and quietly, causing minimal disruption to your working environment and we’ll transport said furniture back to our base in the most efficient manner possible. It’s that simple. Quick, easy and hassle-free.

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    Great service and a job well done in the entire clearance of our unwanted desks and office chairs.

    When it turned out that we had additional boardroom furniture and an office full of filing cabinets to be recycled, Jon was happy to consider re-quoting for this additional furniture at such short notice, which helped us out greatly and saved us a lot of disposal costs.

    A highly recommended company and team of staff.

    Anna Hyde
    Office Manager, Liverpool Street, London